Burnaby Professional Driving School Inc.: Serving the Lower Mainland

Burnaby Professional Driving School has served the professional driving training needs of the Vancouver area for more than 30 years.

We offer decades of training and driving knowledge for students of all levels of experience, utilizing modern educational aids and training equipment, including videos and classroom demonstrations

Experienced Instructors

In addition to the highest quality of service and the most reasonable rates, Burnaby Professional Driving School is proud to offer its students instructors and evaluation officers with 25-40 years of experience.

All of the instructors at Burnaby Professional Driving School have extensive backgrounds in operating various types of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and cranes. In addition, they are all veteran commercial drivers with many miles of local and long-haul driving experience.

Our instructors have an equal number of years educating in the private vocational school setting, training students both in the classroom and on the road. We have full- and part-time instructors, which affords us the ability to accommodate all students efficiently in every program.

The student to instructor ratio is never more than 1:1 (road training only); therefore, every student receives the individual attention and flexibility of hours they require.
Our courses are personalized to meet your specific needs, blending theory, hands-on pre-trip inspections, and practical road training to prepare you for the life-changing opportunity that lies ahead. All students will be equipped with the fundamental skills necessary to pass an ICBC road test.

Courses offered include:

Our high-quality instruction is offered at the most reasonable rates.

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